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Nightlife & Restaurants


The city that no longer sleeps, and with the arrival of Pacha a few years ago, Marrakech has acquired an Ibiza-like reputation for nightlife.  The smartly dressed usually get in free and often the bars double up as restaurants.


Pacha Marrakech

This Nightlife complex continues to party during the day, with DJ’s daily by the poolside. Lunch and drinks are served to tables and large canopy sun loungers.

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Suite Club
+ 212 (0) 524420700

Super chic nightclub with some of the best Dj’s in town.

+ 212 (0) 524435250

Recently opened bar in this hip hotel, good for pre club drinks.

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+ 212 (0)524448811

Very popular house music club that kicks off after midnight, the place to go to see the night through till the morning.

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Jad Mahal
+ 212 (0)524436984/448135

Amazing scene, food, dancing and a great bar. The show starts at 11.30pm so try and request a seat by the stage if you can.

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Club underneath the Jad Maha.

Access via black staircase under the Jad Mahal (also normal front entrance) is this incredible all white club that is full on house music and club classics. Get free passes at Jad Mahal.

Le Comptoir
+ 212 (0) 5244337702

Belly dancing show at 10.30pm and very lively bar, just ask the bar manager upstairs to call ahead Theatro club and reserve you a table.

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Casino de Marrakech
+ 212 (0 )524448811

Open till 5am this grand Casino as well as established hotel is where everyone hangs out to splash the cas

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The growth in tourism and the general affluence in Marrakech has made the city an increasingly popular place to eat, so it is advisable to make reservations at most of the restaurants, especially during the high season. Here are some of our favourites.


Bo & Zin
+ 212 (0) 542388012

Best Restaurant in Marrakech, Ibiza vibe, you can sit outdoors and eat whilst the DJ spins some chilled tracks

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+ 212 (0) 524388480

Highly acclaimed  one of two places to eat in the grounds of pacha. The menu was designed by the Michelin-starred Pourcell Brothers and has a range of world food options, chic and chilled.

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+ 212 (0) 524 329494

Set at the end of the garden of the Palais Rhoul Hotel is this wonderful outdoor restaurant with a vast menu and very good food. Stunning setting.

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Jad Mahal
+ 212 (0) 524 436984/448135

The food is pretty good here, the restaurant is beautiful and the show is electric, starts at 11.30pm so try and book a table by the stage. This is a late night.

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Le Loft Bistrot Arty
+ 212 (0) 524 43216

On the rue du Liberte is this wonderful chic bistro that you would expect to find in Greenwich Village New York. Affordable, charming and great food open till late.

Pasta Z
+ 212 (0) 524447070

Pizza Delivery.

You need to order this a few hours before so that they deliver on time. Good pizza, pasta, salads and dessert delivered to the door. They are part of restaurant Cantanzaro

+ 212 (0) 66147800 Abde

These people are an on site team that will deliver traditional Moroccan food of an exceptional quality but if you are going to order with them you will find that it is half the price but double the waiting time.


La Mamounia
+ 212 (0) 524 388600

This newly refurbished restaurant is the hub of Marrakech. They have a great bar inside and out to have a pre dinner drink. The Italian restaurant is outstanding so is the traditional Moroccan tucked away in the corner of the gardens.

Royal Mansour
+212 (0) 529808080

Commissioned by the King of Morocco, this hotel is rated as one of the best in the world

+ 212 (0) 524 403353

Excellent Thai cuisine alongside the swimming pool in one of the best hotels in the world, booking is essential.

Four Seasons

Just opened  and it has a great Italian restaurant but expect normal 5 star prices. It is a beautiful resort but has only been opened for a matter of weeks. I’d imagine the spa would be second to none as all the the Four Seasons have Asain inspired spa’s.The staff are absolutely delightful and will show you around.

+ 212 (0) 661 258 846

A stunning new hotel five minutes drive from the Samanah Resort on the route D’Amizmiz.  The hotel has been designed by the same designers as Hotel Costes inParis, bright colours and luxurious textiles.  The restaurant is fantastic and you may call the manager to arrange lunch or swimming.  Do not leave without asking the Manager to show you around the heated stables and visit the most well kept horse I have ever seen.

Eric Conte-Moustakidis + 212 (0) 661 258 846

+ 212 (0) 524 425600

This is a great meeting place and the terrace overlooking the pool is the perfect setting for drinks anytime of the day or night.  The food is also great in all the restaurants but I particularly like the rooftop bar/restaurant which has a ‘trio menu’ and live music.